Homemade HomeKit Desk Lamp

TL;DR: GitHub

Automation is everywhere from factory lines to Tesla cars. Automation is what drives economy because people are not cost effective on simple jobs. As a electronics enthusiast I wanted to replace myself and make something automatic. My choice was desk lamp for two reasons: there’s really nothing to break and it’s useful (two best properties for home projects). To make my life simple I decided to integrate my lamp into HomeKit that would let me turn on the lamp from work while speaking to Siri.

After some googling I found HomeBridge Node.js module which could simulate server as a HomeKit bridge. For this module to work I needed another device that could be just the bridge – Raspberry Pi it is. Setup is very easy and everything setup related is published on my GitHub.

Next step – Arduino setup because I need some micro controller who could actually switch on the lamp. Here I spent most of the time. In the beginning I tried with Wi-Fi module ESP8266. After countless of hours I gave up and ordered ethernet module (HR911105A). It made things more simple code wise and more complicated with millions of wires now on my desk.

After 3 hours on Saturday evening I was done and happy!

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